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Find out what your claim could be worth

The sum of compensation awarded to you as a result of a successful personal injury claim is based on numerous factors.

These include how your accident occurred, the seriousness of the injury and any other damages arising due to your accident (e.g. loss of earnings). The level of compensation awarded for a specific injury (excluding consequential damages) is pre-determined by a set of guidelines. 

Use the compensation calculator below to get an idea on the level of compensation on different types of injuries. For more information click an area from the image below.


    Simply click on the parts of the body to find out how much your injury is worth. If your injury is not listed, give us a call and we will be able to tell you much it is worth in as little as 5 minutes.

    Head Injury


    £11,000 - £288,500


    £1,225 - 32,500


    £1,575 - £288,500


    £5,000 - £100,500

    Psychiatric Damage

    £1,225 - £288,500

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    Neck Injury


    £1,000 - £106,000

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    Shoulder Injury

    £3,100 - £34,300

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    Back / Spine Injury


    £232,000 - £288,500


    £156,750 - £203,000

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    Chest (and Lung) Injury


    £1,450 - £175,750


    £1,000 - £107,250

    Lung Disease

    £1,575 - £96,800


    £1,000 - £46,900

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    Arm Injury


    £1,575 - £144,000


    £2,500 - 35,000


    £1,575 - £144,000

    Vibration White Finger

    £1,450 - £175,750

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    £2,800 - £93,500

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    Internal organs

    Including Abestos related disease, Male and female Reproductive system, Digestive system, Kidney, Bowels, Bladder and Hernia.

    £1,575 - £150,000

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    Leg Injury


    £9,800 - £68,750


    £1,450 - £144,000


    £1,450 - £49,800


    £1,450 - £40,000

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Calculating your compensation

The amount of your claim will depend on how the accident has affected you and how long it takes for you to recover and it is a common misconception that an injury is worth one specific amount.

Although it is impossible to say exactly how much your claim for compensation may be worth without reviewing the medical evidence, there are tariffs that we and the court follow, and the man to the left illustrates the regions that your claim may fall into.

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If your injury is not listed you could still make a claim

Please call one of our specialists to see if you could be eligible for compensation or complete our online claim form.

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