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Food Poisoning Claims

Food poisoning compensation is awarded to compensate an individual for the effects caused by the illness from consuming uncooked or poorly prepared food which is contaminated. Compensation can also be claimed for the loss of enjoyment of the holiday if the illness had an affect whilst on holiday along with other losses such as treatment or medication costs. A typical food poisoning claim might relate to uncooked food someone ate from their local takeaway, at a restaurant, hotel or from a supermarket. Most people recover quickly from food poisoning but even symptoms which last only a week are usually sufficient to be able to recover compensation with the help of a solicitor.

Depresessed_woman.jpgHowever, there are a few cases each year which affect people badly and who are never quite the same again after being hit with food poisoning. In some cases, someone can be affected severely and be forced to change their diet and the food they can and can’t eat because of the bacteria inflicted upon them. In cases such as this, compensation awards can be quite significant. An Aequitas Legal lawyer would be able to advise you about whether you have a good chance of recovering compensation.

How can you claim compensation after having food poisoning abroad?

If food poisoning has ruined your holiday, you may be eligible to claim financial compensation. Holiday food poisoning is often caused by:

  • Bad hygiene in food preparation areas at a resort or in kitchen areas
  • Contact with unfamiliar bacteria and germs;
  • Warm temperatures and insects increase the risk of contamination

Of these causes of holiday food poisoning, we find at Aequitas Legal that the most common food poisoning cases comes from undercooked or inadequately prepared food. In such circumstances, it is possible to make a claim for financial compensation providing you can prove that your holiday sickness was due to the result of inadequate care and systems in preparing and cooking food on the part of the hotel or restaurant etc.

If you are planning to make a claim for financial compensation after contracting food poisoning, it is wise to collect as much information and evidence as possible about your illness and the hotel, resort or restaurant’s health and safety policy. Most importantly, report it to the Manager and insist it is logged in the accident report book. Speak to others to find out if they experienced similar symptoms, take their contact details, and try to take photographs of any examples of poor hygiene you find around the hotel, particularly in canteens, kitchens or restaurant. For example, food may be left out for long periods uncovered with flies swarming around. It is also important to seek medical advice.

If you cannot get any of the information we just mentioned, don’t worry; you can simply call our expert solicitors here at Aequitas Legal and one of our expert solicitors or new enquiries expert will be able to assist you with your claiming.

Here at Aequitas Legal we have had many cases which have been related to food poisoning. Our clients have suffered on cruise ships, holiday resorts and even their local restaurants. We have claimed full refunds for the holiday and compensation for the illness they have suffered. So if you a friend or family member has been affected by norovirus or any other illness and need some help or guidance, pick up the phone and see how we can help you. 

Do you have a case? 

Taking the step to ask for help after an illness whilst on holiday through no fault of your own can be difficult. We use our many years' experience in dealing with travel claims to get the compensation you deserve to recover after your injury. 

  • Have you suffered an illness whilst on holiday?
  • Has the illness caused injury or loss? E.g. an allergic reaction, vomiting, diarrhoea, or loss of confidence
  • Do you feel your illness could have been prevented?  

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