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Cycle Claims

Cycle Accident Injury Claims

As vulnerable road users, injuries sustained through a cycling accident can be serious. Some of our solicitors are cyclists themselves and understand the detail needed when dealing with a cycling case.

Whether you have been involved in a cycle accident caused by another road user or due to a pot hole, we can advise you of the best options.

You may be a leisure rider, commuter, serious roadie or mountain biker, we can help. We use our expertise to make sure that you and your bike can get back on the road.

Our "cycle claims solicitors" keep up to date with the world of cycling. They understand the arguments that insurance companies will often use to try to lower compensation. They can also provide the best advice and legal representation for you and your bike.

About Cycle Claims

Cyclists are extremely vulnerable when riding out on the roads and the odds of getting injured are pretty high should a cyclist get involved in any type of collision or become injured due to other causes such as potholes.

Do you have a case?

Whether you were knocked off you bike by a car or lorry; or hit a pothole which caused injuries, we can use our expertise to ensure that we get you the compensation you deserve, so you can concentrate on getting better.

  • Have you had an accident at in the last three years?
  • Did you get the details of the other party that caused the accident?
  • Have you suffered pain and loss as a result of your accident? 

Who is responsible?

If you have been involved in a cycling accident, you may be able to make a claim for compensation for injuries or damages and even losses suffered from the accident. This also applies even if you were partly at fault. If the accident was caused by a motorist then you claim through his insurers if they are uninsured you can claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau. However; if the accident was in the result of a poorly maintained road / cycle path then you may be entitled to compensation against the local authority or landowner.

Making a claim for compensation

A claim can be made if you have suffered an accident or injury due to the negligence of a driver or the a poor maintained road / path. There is a strict three-year time limit for pursuing compensation, which usually begins from the day of the accident. However, because some symptoms do not always present themselves right away, this limit may begin from the date you knew the injury was caused by an accident or injury was caused by the beautician.

To make a successful claim, you need to prove that the accident / injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, whether it was your surgeon or a nurse. This is where Aequitas Legal comes in. Our solicitors will help you compile evidence to present to your hospital’s insurers and will ensure you understand where you stand at every stage of the process, as well as what your options are going forward.

Why choose Aequitas Legal

Our solicitors will provide you with easy-to-understand advice and guidance throughout the claims process, helping to ease the burden of coping with injury. We understand that injuries place pressure on you and your family, which is why we’re here to ensure you receive the compensation required to aid and support your recovery.

We approach each case proactively and with sensitivity and care. We are here to help you find the answers you deserve and to get the best possible results for you and your family.

Start your claim today 

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“You may be a leisure rider, commuter, serious roadie or mountain biker, we can help. We use our expertise to make sure that you and your bike can get back on the road.”

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