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Warehouse Accident Claims

Accident at Work Injury Claims

Being a warehouse operative is a very physical job, involving operating machinery, moving items, lifting heavy loads and packing objects for delivery. This often has to be done in a very busy environment and if tasks are not carried out properly, a job can become dangerous, resulting in an injury.

If you have suffered an injury that was not your fault while working in a warehouse, the personal injury team at Aequitas Legal is here to help. We understand the distress an injury can cause, and you may be unable to work while you recover, which is why our expert solicitors will work with you to get compensation, therefore taking the financial strain off you.

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About warehouse accidents

A look at what causes accidents and how you can be injured

Who is responsible?

An explanation of why your employer is liable

What to do when you've been injured

Advice on what to do following a warehouse accident

Making a claim for compensation

Advice on making a claim if you're an injured worker

Why choose Aequitas Legal?

Our solicitors can help you make a claim for compensation

How we have helped others

Examples of successful accident claims involving warehouse workers


About warehouse accidents

There are many ways you can be injured while working in a warehouse, which is why your employer should ensure safety measures are in place to keep you from harm. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and accidents do happen, often through your employer's failure to follow health and safety regulations or through the negligence of a fellow worker.

One of the most common causes of an injury is an accident involving a forklift truck. You can read more about forklift truck accidents here. Other common causes include:

●Being struck by a falling object
●Picking up, carrying or moving heavy objects
●A slip, trip or fall
●Repeated exposure to vibration
●Falling from a height
●Being exposed to harmful substances
●Crushing by a heavy object
●Exposure to repeated procedures
●Loud and consistent exposure to noises

It is important that health and safety regulations are implemented and followed so accidents can be avoided, as the consequences can be severe. Injuries can range from cuts, bruises and broken bones to life-changing conditions such as brain damage, spinal injury and amputations. Some warehouses injuries can also unfortunately be fatal.

Who is responsible?

In the majority of circumstances, your employer will be held responsible should you suffer an injury in a warehouse. This is because it is their legal duty to ensure that you are kept from harm while working or visiting their premises. Your employer's duties include:

  • Checking all machinery regularly to ensure it is working and fault free
  • Ensuring all working areas are tidy and free from obstructions
  • Making sure warning signs are on display in hazardous areas
  • Providing personal protective equipment to all employees and visitors
  • Training all staff thoroughly so they can do their job well

The list above is by no means exhaustive. However your employer has failed in their duty to protect you, you will be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Some employees have concerns about their employment when they make a claim against their employer, but this shouldn't worry you. All workplaces are required to have an insurance policy in place to cover any accidents that should occur, meaning compensation is paid out by the insurance company and not the business you work for.

What do when you've been injured

When you suffer an accident in a warehouse, there are a number of things you can do that can help the success of your claim:

  • Do not admit liability for the accident - even if you are partly to blame - until you have spoken to a solicitor
  • Record the accident in the warehouse's accident report book
  • Collect the details of any witnesses to the accident or what caused it, for example, if other workers have complained about a faulty machine
  • Seek medical assistance for an injury as soon as possible after the accident
  • Photograph the area where you were injured and keep a photo diary of your injuries

It is important to remember that these tips do not constitute as legal advice and are simply to be used as guidance. For comprehensive legal advice, please get in touch with the personal injury team at Aequitas Legal.

Making a claim for compensation

Whether you are a warehouse operative or visiting the premises, if you were injured by the negligence of another, then you are eligible to make a claim. You are able to make a claim for a warehouse accident if it was not your fault and happened within the last three years.

The time limit for personal injury claims is very strict, however, for injuries and conditions that aren't always apparent immediately, such as vibration white finger and noise-induced hearing loss, this can sometimes be waived. Instead, the limit will begin from the moment you realise your injury was caused by conditions in a warehouse.

Our solicitors have helped many people injured in a warehouse receive the justice they deserve. We will take you through each stage of the claims process and will carry out the necessary investigations to determine and prove who is responsible for your injuries, so you can get the financial support that will allow you to recover peacefully.

Why choose Aequitas Legal?

The personal injury lawyers at Aequitas Legal have experience in dealing with a variety of warehouse accidents, including cases against multinational companies. We understand that it can be a difficult decision to seek advice on your injury and your solicitor will do everything they can to ensure that you are happy with your case.

How we have helped others

To read about how we have helped others who have been injured in a warehouse, please take a look at our case studies.

Start your claim today

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