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Who are our clients and what do they say?

Who are our clients and what do they say?

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It seems that it was only yesterday that every business claimed the key to winning customers was in the quality of their product or service.

But, things have changed…

Now it seems that an even more important factor for success has shown up.

In fact, all we hear these days is how important providing the best customer experience is.

Do you know why?

Let me explain.

At Aequitas Legal we conducted a survey to see what kind of interaction we have with our cliental prefer.

From a survey conducted of 2046 people we found that 88% of our clients chose Aequitas Legal based on our customers service and company core values. As a company it is no surprise to us that customer service is high. As a company we pride ourselves on the service we give to each and every one of our clients. Customer service is the perception a customer will receive from a company. These perceptions affect their behaviours and build memories and feelings. This may also bring about a sense of loyalty to the company. In other words if they like you and continue to like the service and treatment they are receiving they will continue to do business with you. Better still they will recommend their family and friends  due to the experience and customer journey that have had.

We also noticed that our of the 2046 clients we surveyed 64% preferred corresponding between e-mail and through the company mobile app, which again is no surprise considering we are living in an era where mobile technology and electronic mail is more efficent than receiving correspondence through the post.

“There’s an app for this and there’s an app for that.” How many times have you heard of this phrase? Some of you may hear it more often than others. The point I’m trying to make is that ever since smartphones came on to the market and mobile apps where released they took over in pretty much most categories. You name it and there is an app for it, gaming, utilities, banking, news, messaging services and even tracking your personal injury cases. It is true to say life is simply made easier through the power of email and apps. It’s important to know this as the number of people who own a smartphone today outweighs the ones who don’t. Which means by communicating through an app or e-mail, we have found that we have made the lives of our customers a lot easier by minimalising paperwork and being able to communicate with our clients at any point during the day.

We noticed that from 76% of our clients have purely referred us due to the solicitors that handled their case and 61% would recommend us based on their own personal experience they have had. This shows that the level of service and client care we offer here at Aequitas Legal is very much in our eyes exceptional.

Here at Aequitas Legal our clients are placed in the heart of our organisation. We have implemented a number strategies and practices to make sure that our clients are looked after with the ultimate care and attention. These range from:  a Customer service team dedicating to ‘WOW’-ing our clients; gifts at the end your case; client satisfaction questionnaires; a mobile application where clients can contact their solicitor at any time day or night; just to list a few.

If you feel that your friend or family member would benefit from the excellent services we offer here at Aequitas Legal, then do feel to contact us on 0161 358 0800 where our New Enquiries team will answer any questions you have and discuss and injury related claim you are thinking of pursuing.

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