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What to do if you have had a road traffic accident?

What to do if you have had a road traffic accident?

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If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, there can be a lot of people and organisations to deal with, especially in the initial few weeks.
Here are some tips that you can use to help in certain situations
Please note that these tips do not constitute legal advice and are for guidance purposes only.
If you would like to discuss an accident that you have been involved in, please contact us.
  • Do not admit liability, even partial fault until you have sought independent legal advice.
  • If there are any witnesses, take full name(s), contact telephone numbers, addresses and emails.
  • If you have been involved in a hit and run try to take the number plate and call the police and register the accident. Make sure you receive a crime reference number from them.
  • If you or any person involved in the accident is injured, consider calling an ambulance or seek medical advice as soon as possible.
  • If you believe the accident was not your fault, seek independent legal advice from a specialist personal injury law firm, such as Aequitas Legal.

It’s a horrible thought, but car accidents happen and it is important that we prepare you to know what to do if you’re unfortunately caught up in one.

Always stop at the scene if you think your accident has caused:

  • Injury to people or pets
  • Damage to other vehicles
  • Damage to roadside fixtures such as lampposts, fences and walls

Exchange details

Drivers involved should swap names, addresses, telephone numbers, vehicle registration numbers and insurance company details and policy numbers if available.

This will all help with your claims process.

Take details of the traffic accident

  • Time and date
  • Location
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic conditions
  • Road markings, signs and signals
  • Take as many photos as possible using your mobile phone

Get in touch with your insurance company

Let your insurer know what’s happened as soon as you can.

You should do this even if you don’t intend to claim or you think the other driver involved isn’t going to claim.

Things to do when you have been involved in an accident:

  • Turn your hazard lights on and stay calm.
  • Check all the car engines are switched off and no-one is smoking.
  • Call the emergency services, giving your location and details of any injuries – on a motorway, use the emergency roadside phone or check your location using the hard shoulder markers.
  • Stay well away from accidents involving dangerous goods or chemicals.
  • Stay at the scene until the emergency services arrive.
  • Don’t move injured people from their vehicles unless there’s a danger of fire or explosion.
  • Don’t remove a motorcyclist’s helmet unless it’s absolutely essential.

For further guidance and friendly advice on traffic accident claims, give us a call.

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