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What should I do if I believe I have a financial mis-selling claim?

What should I do if I believe I have a financial mis-selling claim?

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If you believe you have been mis-sold a financial product by your lender, then you will need the support of lawyers who specialise in consumer claims within this financial sector.

However, even with lawyers involved, you still have a part to play.

Here are our top tips for the preparation you can take at the start of a financial mis-selling dispute:

  1. Collate all relevant documentation in your possession. If the matter proceeds to formal court action, then during the course of the matter all parties will have to file all relevant documents pertaining to the claim.  So anything you have must be made available.
  2. Make a written note/chronology of what you can recall at the time the financial product was sold, who was involved, what you recall being told etc.  These can then be referred to if and when formal witness statements are needed.
  3. Set yourself realistic expectations. Depending on numerous factors, these claims can take significant time and energy, meaning they may take some time to conclude. Therefore don’t assume the lender will issue you a cheque with immediate effect.
  4. Get early legal advice as this could dictate how you handle the dispute to your best advantage. It will identify your legal position and identify your strengths and weaknesses. However ensure this dialogue with your lawyer is honest. Do not be unrealistic or hide any damaging evidence as you can be sure that your opponent will know your weaknesses.

If you find yourselves faced with a claim against your lender for financial mis-selling, please feel free to give Aequitas Legal a call on 0161 358 0800 for a no strings attached chat.

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