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What can I do if I get injured on a plane?

What can I do if I get injured on a plane?

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Plane accidents and injuries

Globally, there are on average 2 million accidents and injuries on an aircraft each year with around 200,000 of these reported in the UK [1]. Unfortunately, it seems like these are only getting worse which was highlighted in a recent study. Forbes found that airline fatalities rose again in 2018 by an unsettling 900% [2]. Shockingly, 117,840 deaths reported were considered ‘preventable’ in one year [3].

Often, causes of air injury can be squarely laid at the door of the air crew but other considerations such as in-flight turbulence and even malfunctioning equipment can also lead to injuries like broken bones, sprains and, in more severe cases, burns, brain and spinal cord injuries.

Here are some typical in-flight accidents and injuries:

  • A hot drink or food spilling on the passenger as a result of the carelessness of air crew
    An aircraft trolley coming into contact with a passenger
    Baggage or items in the overhead storage system falling on a passenger because of unsecured lockers

Matthew Trusch of Aequitas Legal:

“If you have been injured on an aeroplane, you may be able to bring a claim against the airline but this requires a sound understanding of what constitutes an “accident” under the Montreal Convention, which is very specific.”

Aeroplane passengers who suffer in-flight injury should consider claiming compensation. In addition to the pain and suffering, passengers can often recover financial losses such as medical expenses and medical treatment.

Any legal claim for injury while travelling by air requires specialised knowledge of aviation law and we would like to encourage anyone who has been affected to seek legal advice.

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