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6 common questions about compensation claims answered [Infographic]

6 common questions about compensation claims answered [Infographic]

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Many of the questions about compensation claims that people ask us relate to commonly held misconceptions.

Sometimes, these myths can actually stop people claiming, meaning they miss out on the compensation they deserve.

We answered six of the most common in a simple infographic – either download the image or read the text that follows below.

If you have any other questions about starting your personal injury claim, please contact our helpful team.

Questions about compensation claims


Infographic text below – questions about compensation claims for personal injury


6 things you might not know about PI compensation claims

Common misconceptions some people have about pursuing personal injury compensation claims.

  • I’ll have to go to court

In fact, most cases are settled long before any court appearance. And many are dealt with on paper so no attendance is required.

  • I won’t see any compensation for years – solicitors drag cases out

Not true – fees are usually based on type of work done. And for PI claims under £25,000, these are fixed, regardless of case length.

  • Claims against employers can get you fired

Not true – it’s illegal for an employer to dismiss you for a PI claim. And if they do, you may have an employment claim against them.

  • If I don’t claim soon after an accident, it’s too late

Not true – typically you’ve up to three years from the date of your accident to start a claim, even if you’re fully recovered.

  • If one law firm didn’t take my case, none will

Not true – a firm could reject a case for any number of reasons, such as lack of experience in a certain area. Specialist expertise varies widely, so shop around until you’re satisfied.

  • I signed a disclaimer, so I can’t claim

Not true – waivers or instructional videos don’t excuse negligence. Official sounding phrases and documents don’t mean someone can avoid their duty-of-care – or a compensation claim.

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