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Scaffolding accident claims – what you need to know.

Scaffolding accident claims – what you need to know.

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Pole Problems?

You don’t need to be near a tool to have an accident on a building site – if you’ve suffered due to scaffolding you may be entitled to compensation.

What should be a source of stability and safety on site – scaffolding – is often related to (and causes) several accidents and injuries a year.

And you don’t have to be in construction, or even working at height – many people affected in scaffolding injury claims are passers-by or site visitors.

Because of this, the term ‘scaffolding accident’ can cover an accident suffered at work or harm done to members of the public.

I’ve suffered a scaffolding accident at work

If you’re working on – or in proximity to – scaffolding, a number of things could cause you injury or accident, such as:

  • Using scaffolding when wet

  • Tripping over tools or equipment left on planks

  • Weak or damaged planks

  • Inadequate bracing or guardrails

  • Lack of safety training or equipment

  • Overloading of weight on walkways

  • Working in adverse weather conditions

If you’ve been hurt due to one of these or any other reason, you may want to seek legal assistance.

The most common types of scaffolding injury encountered on building sites are slips and trips resulting in falls from height.

And equipment, debris and other construction materials accidentally dropped from height can also cause serious injury.

I’m a member of the public – can I claim?

Scaffolding injuries involving people not employed by or involved in a construction project are rare – but they do happen.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who has been hurt by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you should certainly look into your legal options.

Whether it was building rubble, construction materials, tools or even parts of the scaffolding itself that injured you, speak to an expert.

Poorly maintained materials, shoddy workmanship, insufficient warning signs and alternative thoroughfares could all be to blame – but they’re no excuse.

What do I do next?

Solicitor Suzanne Mason details why people typically pursue a scaffolding compensation claim and the importance of doing so:

‘The vast majority of scaffolding claims come from people who’ve been hurt on site, usually while working – but visitors can be affected too.

‘Anyone who’s unsure if they should claim for fear of damaging the reputation or finances of a business shouldn’t hesitate.

‘A reputable contractor or employer should be insured for instances like this – and a claim may even improve their working practices ultimately.’

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