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Safety Standards Abroad

Safety Standards Abroad

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As a person both living and working in rainy Manchester – and yes it’s raining as I write this blog – I am frequently reminded as to one of the main reasons people like to travel abroad for their holidays, the sunny weather.Whilst it is exciting and fun to be travelling abroad for a holiday, it is important to stay safe.Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes happen and people can be injured for a variety of reasons that are not always their fault.

Lord Justice Tomlinson in the recent Court of Appeal case of Lougheed v On The Beach Limited [2014] stated, “an Englishman does not travel abroad in a cocoon.”

Safety standards will vary from country to country and whilst the same set of circumstances may entitle you to compensation from an accident had it occurred in England and Wales, there is no guarantee that you would receive compensation if the accident happens abroad, and this was what Lord Justice Tomlinson was getting at with his quote above.

The Court reaffirmed in the Lougheed case that what matters is whether there has been a breach of local safety standards in the country where the accident took place. Where local standards had been met, the injured person would not receive any compensation.

It is understandable that you may not know what the local standards are for the country you are in but your Solicitor can obtain expert evidence from an expert in a particular field who can give a court accredited opinion on what the local standards are. We, at Aequitas Legal, have experience of dealing with these issues and have sound contacts to help obtain an appropriate report so feel free to get in touch.

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