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Released with a BANG!

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We live in an era where society relies on mechanical and electrical devices to keep our professional and domestic life functioning.

The release and hype around the new Samsung Note 7 has been travelling far and wide as early as the release of Note 5. Last year there was a huge disappointment as Samsung decided they were not releasing the Note 5 in Britain therefore Samsung users eagerly waiting for the release of the Note 7 and hadn’t updated their phones for another year.

Since releasing the eagerly anticipated phablet. Samsung has dominated the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Within days of the release there were a number of worrying reports of the device heating up and up to 70 cases reported in the first two weeks of the phone catching fire. Some have also been injured as phones have been left on charge throughout the night where the fire has then started. Cars have been destroyed and homes have been set alight.

We at Aequitas Legal have dealt with many cases where some of our clients have been injured by defective products. From faulty razors were cutting deep into the skin, uncooked food with sharp plastic bits in and even fingers being lost from remote controlled helicopters.

Under the terms of the Consumer Protection Act of 1987, a product liability claim is a fundamental civil right of any consumer who suffers injury or illness as a result of a faulty or defective product.

People pay considerable sums for their mobile devices, whether it is paid outright or through a mobile contract, and the last thing they want is for it to fail to meet recognised safety standards or prove to be defective effectively causing injury, loss of earning and a lot of pain and suffering.

Funnily enough it is almost 7 years to the day since Apple had the same issues with the launch of their iPhones.

It was then did Samsung take advantage of the defective phone with the launch of their Galaxy S2 range.  There after Samsung consistently shipped greater number of their phones than Apple did. However; the reason why Apple is much more profitable and influential than Samsung relates to the quality of the phones Apple sell, not the unit (

Corporate reputations can be damaged in an instant, as news of faulty products sweeps around the world via the internet and social media. Toyota for example, suffered a huge blow in the its reputation following a string of product recalls since 2009 and only time will tell how well Samsung will bounce back from this disastrous start to the era of the Note 7.

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