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Popular food chain Wahaca closes due to norovirus

Popular food chain Wahaca closes due to norovirus

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Now there’s nothing like some great nachos, or a tasty quesadilla from your favourite Mexican restaurant. However finding out that your favourite Mexican food chain has had to close 9 of its branches including your local one due to norovirus is nothing but disappointing for some of us.

In the last week a total of 205 staff members and 160 customers have reported falling ill due to norovirus which was linked with the popular food chain Wahaca.

The Virus which causes severe gastrointestinal symptoms can cause extended outbreaks because of their high infectivity, persistence in the environment, resistance to common disinfectants and difficulty in controlling their transmission through routine sanitary measures. The virus is particularly hardy and can last on surfaces for days and the best way to eradicate it is by leaving a bleach solution on the surface for up to 10 minutes before rinsing it with clean water.

Norovirus affects thousands of people in the UK each year. Although there is very little you can do to ease the symptoms of the virus, researchers are working on a vaccine but it’s unlikely to be available for some time. Humans are the only host of Norovirus, and the virus itself has several mechanisms that allow it to spread quickly and easily. The virus is sometimes spread when a person eats contaminated food. According to the NHS, this can happen if an infected person doesn’t wash their hands before handling food.

Here at Aequitas Legal we have had many cases which have been related to norovirus and food poisoning. Our clients have suffered on cruise ships, holiday resorts and even their local restaurants. We have claimed full refunds for the holiday and compensation for the illness they have suffered. So if you a friend or family member has been effected by norovirus or any other illness and need some help or guidance, pick up the phone and see how we can help you.

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