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Horse riding and equestrian injury compensation

Horse riding and equestrian injury compensation

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Clip, clop, claim

Are you one of the millions who enjoys sitting on something the weight of a grand piano, capable of moving at 25mph?

Put more simply – have you ever been horse riding without being fully aware of the potential danger or what to do if something goes wrong?

Although the vast majority of horse riding experiences are positive, anyone from a regular hacker to a first-time trotter can suffer an injury.

Such pastimes always carry risk – but if an injury is caused by the negligence of those responsible for rider safety, including:

  • Stable owners/operators

  • Event organisers

  • Farm owners

  • Private riding instructors

– they may need to pay compensation.

As well as the seriousness of any injuries suffered, claims should also reflect any related loss of earnings, travel costs, ongoing treatment or therapy.

Types of horse riding injury claim

There’s no way to completely eliminate the potential for injury around horses – but you should be as protected as possible.

A fall or a kick from a horse can result in anything from bruising to spinal injury – plus emotional trauma, medical costs or financial stress due to time off work.

Equestrian injuries that can result in compensation being sought can be as a result of:

  • Unsuitable, incorrectly sized or poorly maintained equipment – including reins, saddles and riding hats.

  • Inadequate or unclear instructions either before or during a ride or hack.

  • Lack of required supervision.

  • Being kicked or bitten by a horse.

  • Clashes with road vehicles

Many claims are pursued as a result of incorrect or inadequate information about horses being provided.

This could involve poor instruction on horses known to be temperamental, especially with new or first-time riders.

In particularly expensive instances, horses can even be offered for sale with the wrong ‘grade’ information relating to suitability for riding.

What should I do next?

Solicitor Jennifer Campbell explains more about filing horse riding claims:

‘Firstly, the last thing anyone wants to do is make it seem like one of the UK’s favourite enjoyable pastimes is in fact fraught with danger.

‘But with an animal of this size, things can go wrong – especially for novice riders – which is why the right help needs to be available.

‘The overwhelming majority of instructors, owners, riding schools etcetera will have taken all of the required steps to safeguard their riders.

‘But on the rare occasions where negligence does result in a problem, compensation should be paid as the consequences can be life changing.

‘An experienced solicitor will help establish whether you have sufficient grounds to bring a claim, usually on a no-win, no-fee basis.

‘Anyone who has suffered such an injury or accident, should definitely get in touch with an experienced personal injury professional.’

To discuss your horse riding or equestrian injury claim, speak to a member of our experienced personal injury team.

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