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Get Hench or Die Trying

Get Hench or Die Trying

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Gym inductions may seem long boring, and sometimes extremely pointless, but it’s a passage we must all go through when we join the gym.

Over doing it is not always the cause for injuries at the gym. I have been going to the gym since I was old enough to join. However it only just occurred to me that when I first joined I never had an induction and was never even offered one. I have been a member of three different gyms and still not have had one gym induction. Although 90% of the equipment used has the basic instructions on I had and still probably have no idea on how I would use all the functions other than the start and stop buttons.

For many of us we sign up to the gym but do we know what rights we have after signing on the dotted line? With there being so many 24 hour gyms that are left throughout the night with hardly any supervision it is good to understand what the laws say and how you are protected in case of an accident or injury.

Usually a lot of gyms will have a waiver inserted into their contracts that in the event of an accident or injury you are unable to sue for compensation, but by doing this doesn’t mean you cannot take any legal action. However your gym is still required to provide their paying members with the correct care and making sure their customers are careful and able to go on the apparatus provided at the gym.

While gym members may sign a waiver as part of their membership paperwork, that still doesn’t stop them from seeking compensation if a gym was negligent and that negligence resulted in an injury.

Gyms have an obligation to protect their members to ensure their equipment is kept in good working order and to offer a safe and secure area for their clients to train in.

It was only the other day, I witnessed disaster narrowly avoided when an Olympic bar was set down on an unsupported surface. When the bloke who removed the weight discs from one end, the bar flipped. Luckily nobody was hurt; however imagine if someone had been injured, would question need to be raised as to if the individual had been shown how to safely use gym equipment upon joining the club?

Gym apparatus takes a lot more wear and vigorous use. Today, gym equipment is built to last. If there is a fault with any gym equipment the gym management team will either remove the apparatus from the gym floor or place an out of order sign on the faulty piece of equipment, warning gym goers against its use. It is the responsibility of gym management to ensure that all the apparatus is in full working condition, and complies with health and safety regulations.

Maintenance at the gym can sometimes be pretty hazardous and an easy place to have an accident / injury in a public place. With hygiene a high priority in most gyms, areas should be cleaned constantly and any spillages around water dispensers or taps should be acted upon immediately to avoid slips or falls.

In the unfortunate circumstance of an injury at the gym, the first thing you should do is tell the gym management team about the incident. Most gyms have an accident book in which all accidents are logged. Make sure you if you are able write your version of the incident in the accident book or someone you trust writes it for you if you are unable to do so. Seek medical help as soon as you can. This would be vital to your recovery and for evaluating the extent of your injury. It is worth knowing that, when you seek medical help, it creates an official record of your injury and exactly how it happened, which can be useful in the future if you were to later pursue a claim.

If you or a loved one was injured whilst at the gym due to the actions of another you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering you may have endured. Contact Aequitas Legal now on 0161 358 0800.

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