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Finding the right cruise for you

Finding the right cruise for you

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Sitting down to pick the right cruise for your holiday can sometimes be a little stressful due to the amount of choices that are out there. Are you looking for entertainment and an action-packed time away or a quiet holiday away with very little to do? We’ve compiled some questions that you need to ask yourself to help you decide what type of cruise to go on.Firstly, it is best to consider why you would like to go:

  • Do you want to have lots to do and plenty of opportunities to explore?
  • Do you want to predominantly spend more time on the ship rather than on shore?

Secondly, when is it you would like to go:

  • Are you looking for some winter sun?
  • Are you looking for a bit more extra heat during the spring and summer months?

Next, you need to decide what size of cabin you want:

  • If you are planning on spending a lot of time on the ship relaxing, you may want to purchase a larger cabin
  • If you are looking to get off the ship and do a bit of exploring, then it may be worth renting a smaller cabin

A smaller cabin is also advised if you are looking to socialise a bit more and spend less time in your cabin.

Finally, it’s worth considering the people you are travelling with:

  • Are you a family?
  • A young or elderly couple?

Think about what you want from your cruise experience and where you would like to spend your money. From here, you should be able to match accordingly your destination and cruise.

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