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Blame it on the boingy – trampoline injury claims

Blame it on the boingy – trampoline injury claims

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Could you have a trampoline claim?

If you’ve been injured at a trampoline park – seriously or not – you may be entitled to compensation, even if you signed something beforehand.

The boom in popularity of trampoline parks in recent years has unfortunately led to an increase in the number of related accidents.

While most visitors will enjoy bouncing without broken bones – for the unlucky few that get hurt, further help may be available.

If a trampoline park operator hasn’t taken the necessary steps to protect the health and safety of customers, they may have a case to answer.

Types of trampoline claims

Have you or someone you know suffered due to any of the following springy shortcomings?

  • Faulty, poorly maintained equipment
  • Badly repaired equipment
  • Incorrect or insufficient training and induction
  • Insufficient supervision of trampoline users

For some, the fun of defying gravity can lead to attempts at risky manoeuvres like backflips or somersaults.

Even if this misplaced confidence leads to injury, the appropriate guidance and instruction should’ve been provided beforehand at least.

Being shown a safety video prior to trampolining doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been given all the required support and information

This is particularly important for children, who are more at risk of suffering a trampoline park injury through no fault of their own.

I signed a waiver, can I still claim?

Partner Matthew Trusch explains why signing any kind of disclaimer doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make a claim for a trampoline injury:

‘Any contract that attempts to avoid liability for causing personal injury or even death is void if someone hasn’t taken the steps required as a duty of care.

‘A waiver will usually include something along the lines of ‘not responsible in the event of any injury or death’ – but that’s not a get-out clause.

‘Including official sounding phrases in a document doesn’t mean there’s no responsibility for the upkeep of equipment or for the safety of people using it.

‘The same applies if you’ve been shown a safety video – however detailed it may have been, it doesn’t absolve trampoline park operators of their duties.

‘For anything from a few days off work to a broken neck, if a trampoline injury has caused suffering that you feel was avoidable, seek legal advice.

‘Any trampoline claims pursued must be made within three years of the date the injury was suffered, so it’s important to get the right help at the right time.’

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