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Beauty treatment claims rocketing – could you be entitled?

Beauty treatment claims rocketing – could you be entitled?

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The word ‘TREATment’ should make you think of pampering and indulgence – not suffering stress or harm.

But unfortunately, for many people every year, accidents and injuries suffered result in beauty treatment claims being pursued.

The numbers are rising, as more men and women head to the salon or therapist for everything from fake bakes to scouse brows.

And though the vast majority come away from their appointment looking fabulous, for an unlucky few a compensation claim is the only option.

Here are some things you need to know before making a beauty treatment claim – even for salons you’ve used before with no problem.

  • Do I have to report the injury to the salon/therapist?

There’s no obligation for you to report the injury to the proprietor or staff wherever your treatment was conducted.

If an injury or reaction is instant or happens while still on the premises, then it’s perfectly reasonable to bring it to their attention.

But in some cases, a problem can occur after leaving or later – this shouldn’t affect your legal rights though.

  • Will they find out if I make a beauty treatment claim?

Most likely, as details of the claim will usually be sent to either the salon/practitioner directly, or to their insurer.

The insurer will also need to speak to them about the incident, to decide whether to defend your case or not.

  • Should the salon/therapist ask me for a patch test or do I need to ask for one?

Allergic contact dermatitis or other skin complaints resulting from products with various chemicals are serious and upsetting.

For hair colouring, you should definitely be offered a patch test to reduce the risk of any problems.

And while it may not be a legal requirement for treatments such as eyebrow tinting, offering a patch test is still good practice.

As well, whoever is performing a treatment should ideally ask if you’re aware of any allergies.

Speak to an experience professional to discuss whether or not the proper care was taken before your treatment.

  • What if the therapist is mobile or works from home?

It shouldn’t matter where your treatment was carried out from a legal standpoint – home and mobile salons have the same rules.

Industry regulations and insurance requirements apply, so you should still be able to make a claim.

But if the treatment was done without any of the expected safeguards in place, you should seek legal advice straight away.

  • I didn’t seek medical attention – can I still claim?

Not going to the doctor or hospital doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a claim – but remember your health is the most important thing.

If you’ve suffered any kind of injury or skin complaint, you should seek medical attention at your earliest opportunity.

In some cases, the associated medical records may even strengthen your claim for compensation.

  • I knew the risks – can I still claim?

Don’t assume you can’t claim just because of the information that was provided prior to your treatment.

Regardless of the risks that you were made aware of, any beauty treatment claim is dependent on a number of factors.

You may still be entitled to compensation, depending on the circumstances of the incident and the nature of your injury.

  • I don’t have proof of my appointment booking – can I still claim?

You should always keep hold of any evidence of your appointment attendance – receipts, booking card or anything else.

But if you don’t have these, even social media messages, emails and photos taken at the salon can prove helpful.

If there’s absolutely no physical or digital record of your appointment, speak to an experienced professional to check your position.

Talk to an all-female team hair and beauty injury team

New enquiries manager Rachel Martin explains some of the complications relating to beauty treatment claims:

‘If someone heads to a high-street salon for a treatment, suffers a skin reaction and contacts a solicitor, that may result in a relatively straightforward claim.

‘What tends to make things harder is that often, customers will have a personal relationship with staff at a salon, even friendships.

‘And if you’re a regular visitor who’s never experienced a problem before, it’s understandable why you might be worried about claiming.

‘Fear of damaging a relationship, or the reputation of a business is a sensitive issue – but it shouldn’t stop you getting what you deserve.

‘Similarly, embarrassment over discussing the details of a treatment that’s gone wrong shouldn’t be a barrier – sensitivity is the key.

‘Talking to someone who can show real understanding and empathy is just as important as simply seeking legal expertise.’

Discuss your beauty treatment claim options with a member of our all-female hair & beauty injury team on 0161 358 0800.

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