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Road Traffic Accidents
Case studies


Claimant secures 5 figure settlement despite conservative valuation from barrister.

I represented a Claimant who was involved in a road traffic accident where the Defendant reversed into the Claimant’s vehicle.  Although the circumstances of the collision were typical and straightforward, his injuries were anything but.  Although the Claimant’s soft tissue injuries resolved within a week he also developed severe tinnitus and hyperacusis as a result of the accident; much rarer injuries than your typical whiplash claim.  I secured the Claimant rehabilitative therapy on a private basis (at the expense of the insurer, of course).  Due to the complexity of the injuries an advice from a barrister was sought and the barrister advised that it was unlikely that the Claimant’s claim would exceed £10,000.00.


In spite of this, I managed to secure a settlement in the sum of £17,600.00 including general damages and rehabilitation treatment.

– John Connolly


Claimant is awarded almost 3 x times the Final Offer put forward by Defendant

I represented a Claimant who was the passenger in a vehicle which collided with a number of parked vehicles at speed.

The Claimant suffered extensive injuries including head injury, fractured ribs, PTSD and pain to neck, shoulder, back and knees.

The Defendant offered to settle the claim at £5486.90 inclusive of the Claimant’s claim for expenses. I considered this offer so low I withdrew from negotiations and issued proceedings.

At the hearing which the Claimant was not required to attend, the judge awarded the Claimant damages at £14,155.45. This settlement includes an award for the injury, expenses and interest.

– Jenny Campbell


Serious RTA leaves claimant unable to perform his activities regularly which he did prior to the accident.

Male aged 26 at the time of accident was a driver of a pushbike. The pushbike was moving at approximately 10 miles per hour when a car hit the male’s pushbike causing him to fall to the ground.

Financial advisor at the time of the accident- following the accident he was finding it difficult to sit down for a long period of time. He was unable to perform his activities regularly which he did prior to the index accident.    

Injuries sustained:

  • Soft tissue injury to right knee;
  • Soft tissue injury to lumbosacral region;
  • Psychological symptoms
  • Shocked and shaken
  • Anxiety


Rehab/Care Managers:-

  • Initial Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy treatment
  • Purchase orthotic footwear

– Carl Davies


Claimant secures compensation despite being told he had no prospects of success.

In this instance the Claimant came to Aequitas Legal after being told by his previous firm of solicitors that his case was being closed as he had no prospects of success.  Upon a review of the file of papers it was apparent that the alleged lack of prospects had arisen as a result of the previous solicitors’ failing to relay the Claimant’s instructions to the medical expert.  I took over the case and immediately rectified the situation directly with the medical expert.   The Defendant failed to make offers despite disclosure of evidence and proceedings were issued.  With the added pressure of proceedings the Defendant entered negotiations swiftly and a settlement was secured shortly thereafter.  It’s always worth getting a second opinion from a different firm of solicitors if your file is being closed by another firm.

– John Connolly

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