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Ladder Fall Injury Claims

While there are strict regulations in place to ensure safe use of ladders and stepladders in the workplace, we still see a large number of ladder fall claims. If you have been injured in a ladder or step ladder fall at work, you may be entitled to compensation for personal injury as well as loss of earnings and any expenses you have incurred.

In most cases, the severity of injuries incurred from ladder falls usually depends on the height from which the individual fell. Where ladder falls from a height have occured, injury claims tend to relate to a head injury which can range widely in severity. Some of the most common ladder injuries are:

– Concussion and minor head injuries
– Moderate brain damage (for example where concentration and working memory are affected)
– Severe brain damage
– Fractured bones, sprains and ligament damage
– Cuts and lacerations
– Paralysis and partial paralysis

What to do when you’ve been injured in a ladder fall

At the root of every ladder fall injury claim, is the requirement to prove the negligence of one or more third parties; usually, this would be the employer. It is imperative to gather as much evidence as possible, even when a case of negligence appears to be obvious. If you are able to, take photographs of the scene, photographs of your injuries as well as medical records that specify your injuries and the treatment you require, witness statements and copies of workplace practices. Take a copy of the companies accident book which may highlight a pattern of issues that relate to your case.

If you are able to, write down everything that happened in the lead up to your accident, as soon as you possibly can after the incident, and keep it in a safe place. The more detail the better as you may rely on these records later. Write down who was there, how you were using the ladder and the circumstances that led up to the accident.
Before you make a claim check you have the following:

– Date of your accident: You can claim for an accident that occurred up to 3 years ago.
– Proof of attendance: Proof that you were working that day.
– Evidence of accidents or injury: Hospital or doctors notes and/or images of the injury from the location of the accident.

Having this information to hand can make the job of the solicitor easier although if you don’t have this, don’t let it put you off and speak to us so we can advise you.

How Much Compensation For A Ladder Fall Accident?

How much compensation you may be entitled to following a ladder fall accident largely depends on the injury you have incurred. Since the severity of injuries can vary, the following is a guideline only and relates to compensation for a head injury and/or brain damage.

Minor head injuries: £1940 – £11,200
Less severe brain damage: £13,430 – £37,760
Moderate brain damage: £37,760 – £192,000
Moderately severe brain damage: £192,000 – £247,280
Very severe brain damage: £247,280 – £354,260

Safe use of ladders at work

Click here to view our infographic that details how to safely use ladders in the workplace.

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