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Leg Injury Compensation Claims

The compensation awarded depends if both legs are lost during the accident. If both legs are lost, between £172,000 – £201,500 is awarded. If both legs are lost below the knee, between £144,000 – £193,000 is awarded.

If one leg is lost above the knee or below the knee, the level of compensation awarded is between £75,000 -£98,300 and £70,000 – £95,000 respectively.

A highly serve injury (loss of use nearly as bad as amputation) can be awarded between £68,750 – £96,800 and less severe injury will be awarded between £19,850 – £28,000.

Where a claimant suffers a fracture which will not fully heal, they can expect to receive between £12, 850 – £19,850. If the fracture will heal completely, up to £6,500 will be awarded.

A severe knee injury can be awarded anywhere between £18,700 – £68,750. A moderate injury i.e. a twist or torn cartilage, the claimant can receive up to £9,800.

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Knee Info

A severe knee injury can be awarded anywhere between £18,700 – £68,750. A moderate injury i.e. a twist or torn cartilage, the claimant can receive up to £9,800.


Foot Info

If both of your feet are lost in an accident, claims range from £121,000 – £144,000. When just one of the feet is lost, anywhere between £60,000 – £78,300 can be awarded. If both feet are intact following an accident, a serious injury, one that results in permanent pain for the claimant can be rewarded between £60,000 – £78,300. A less severe injury, for instance a broken metatarsal, compensation of up to £9,800 can be rewarded.

Ankle Info

A large percentage of ankle injuries are awarded less than £15,000, but compensation for this type of claim can vary greatly. An injury is labelled as serious when the soft tissue is damaged, and there is potential for amputation. A typical payout of between £35,750 – £49,800 can be expected. A less serious injury which results in the claimant having trouble walking on uneven ground could be granted between £9,800 and £19,000 and a claimant who makes a full recovery can be rewarded up to £9,800.

Toe Info

If all toes are lost as a result of the accident, between £26,100 – £40,000 can be awarded. When just the big toe is lost, up to £22,350 can be claimed. When toes have been crushed, but don’t need to be amputated, a claimant can receive between £9,800 – £15,000 and for a simple fracture up to £6,850 can be expected.



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  • Leg Injury

  • Knee
    £9,800 - £68,750
  • Foot
    £1,000 - £144,000
  • Ankle
    £1,000 - £49,800
  • Toe
    £1,000 - £40,000

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