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Head Injury Compensation Claims

When an accident causes total loss of vision and hearing, awards of up to £288,500 can be made. Loss of sight can result in the claimant being awarded around £192,000.

When sight in one eye is lost, and vision is hindered in the other, compensation between £45,650 – £129,500 can be awarded.

If the eye itself is completely lost, the claimant will expect to receive between £39,150 – £46,900, However if it’s just the vision that’s lost the compensation is reduced slightly to between £6,500 – £39,150.

Minor eye injuries will be awarded between £2,800 – £6,250, examples include foreign objects hitting the eye. For eye injuries which have a recovery time of less than 3 months, the compensation will range between £1,575 – £2,800.

Complete deafness and loss of speech sees the claimant receive compensation between £78,300 – £100,500. Deafness in one ear is awarded between £22,350 – £32,500.

Partial hearing loss is often referred to as Tinnitus. Compensation for tinnitus relates to the level of sound exposure the claimant has received. Minor tinnitus damage can be awarded between £5,000 – £9,000 and severe tinnitus damage can receive up to £32,500.

If an injury affects the claimants ability to taste, between £13,700 – £17,850 will be awarded. If the claimant has also lost the ability smell, up to £28,000 can be paid out in compensation.

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Brain Info

The compensation awarded for a severe brain injury (little or no response to external surroundings) is between £201,500 and £288,500. When a person only suffers very small ongoing problems, between £11,000 and £30,750 is awarded.

Facial Info

A fractured frontal bone can receive between £17,000 – £26,250, nose fractures are usually awarded somewhere in the region of £1,225 – £16,500 and cheekbone fractures anywhere between £1,680 – £11,285.

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  • Head Injury

  • Brain
    £12,000 - £16,000
  • Facial
    £12,000 - £16,000
  • Eye
    £12,000 - £16,000
  • Ear
    £12,000 - £16,000
  • Psychiatric Damage
    £12,000 - £16,000

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