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What does your Brand say about you?

What does your Brand say about you?

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In today’s competitive market, having strong branding is as important as having the tools to do the job and is so much more than a logo and graphics.

With your branding, a customer will associate many features to the business, such as the quality of good and services you provide, the customer service experience, your market position etc.

As an SME, you should always consider your brand at all times and especially when making significant business decisions for the following reasons.

  1. Brands promote recognition in the market place. This recognition can be positive and negative, hence the importance of getting this right.
  2. Your brand helps differentiate you from your competition. Customers will associate USP with your brand, helping make choices on who you engage with.
  3. A strong brand helps you during phases of growth.  Being a reputable company will attract people to want to work for you, making the recruitment process much easier.
  4. A strong brand will create consumer exceptions, which in turn helps you to stay focused on delivering the goods and services which have helped you to get where you are today.
  5. Lead and referral generation. People want to work/buy with brands that people would recommended and have had a positive experience with.

As a result, more and more companies are looking to protect their brand through trademark registration and copyright imagery.

However, this does not stop others from taking advantage of your hard work.

If you believe an individual or business is looking to expose your brand and imagery for their own benefits, please feel free to call Aequitas Legal on 0161 358 0800 to discuss your options and minimise any tarnish to your brand.

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