Workplace accident claims


Had an accident? Have a read.

You’ve seen the cheesey ‘have you had an accident at work’ adverts – but bad acting aside, the consequences can be serious.

As well as the less frequent accidents and injuries involving machinery and equipment at work, often the causes can be much simpler.

The same potential for slips, trips and falls that can be suffered in everyday life exists in any workplace.

Other types of personal injury claim brought against employers include:

  • Strain injuries

  • Workplace assaults

  • Sharps/needlestick injuries

  • Falling objects

  • Toxic substances

And many more – basically covering incidents that can be suffered by anyone on the premises, regardless of specialist roles or procedures.

How much compensation?


A compensation claim for a workplace accident must take into account more than just loss of earnings for the individual.

Aside from this and any injuries suffered, compensation can be expected to cover anything that has been reasonably incurred as a result.

Obviously that leaves a bit of scope for interpretation but an experienced personal injury solicitor should be able to offer guidance.  

Should I claim?


Partner and solicitor Matt Trusch explains why you shouldn’t be worried about claiming compensation for a workplace injury:

‘Often, people who’ve suffered an injury at work are reluctant to pursue a compensation claim, whether through loyalty or fear.

‘While this apprehension is understandable – maybe even commendable in some cases, it’s important to remember that your well-being comes first.

‘Any employer is legally required to have the right insurance policies in place for reasons just like this.

‘And remember it’s illegal to dismiss anyone for bringing a claim against an employer.’

If you want to discuss your options after an accident or injury at work, talk to one of our personal injury specialists