The ten faces of Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Pop’ was well known for having a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures in his life. With a music career spanning over five decades, Michael started out as a member of The Jackson Five in the mid-1960s and later had an incredibly successful career as a solo artist. Following the launch of his solo career, he decided to take steps to change his image, and establish a difference between himself and his family members.

One of Michael’s first cosmetic surgery procedures was a rhinoplasty to reduce the size of his nose after being mocked by his father when he was a child. Throughout his lifetime, Michael proceeded to have many more procedures on his nose to strive for his idea of perfection.

He also had a more rare type of surgery to have a dimple put in his chin. Over the years there has also been speculation in the media as to some of the other procedures that Michael possibly had. These procedures were never confirmed by the singer but included having his eyelids lifted and cheek implants.

In today’s society, many people struggle with low confidence and self-esteem due to peer pressure from friends, family or the media, sometimes resulting in body dysmorphic disorder. Cosmetic surgery may be seen as a quick fix for people to achieve the desired results. However, cosmetic surgery procedures may not always go as planned or provide the confidence that people need to stop worrying about their appearance – often the issue is more than skin deep, and is linked to more comprehensive psychological issues and self-worth.

Michael Jackson’s skin tone was also lightened over the years with the use of lightening creams and products. It is alleged that he took this course of action due to the skin condition vitiligo, however, during Michael’s life there was much speculation about Michael lightening his skin - many people claim he simply didn’t want to be his natural colour.

Skin lightening is still as prominent in the beauty industry today, with companies urging people to lighten their skin in aid of beauty. Products have evolved and injections to lighten the skin are now offered on the market as well as creams.  While products of this kind are more commonly seen in Asia or other places where lighter, “Western” skin is often desired, they are easily available on the UK market and often contain abrasive and potentially harmful ingredients.