Festival loving Brits - body arts fans who avoid the showers?

With festival season gearing up, and droves of music fans all over the country buying tents, investing in old, field-proof Nokia 3310s, pouring over line-ups and buying wellies, we thought we would survey the Great British Public to find out their festival habits - and the results might surprise you…

We found that more than a third of festival goers take no beauty products with them, and nearly three quarters completely skip the festival showers. 64% of people admitted to avoiding sprucing themselves before a festival, and having no beauty treatments, and almost the same amount said they do not even bother washing with a bottle of water by their tent.

However, it isn’t all bad news - 35% said that they have paid to have their hair washed and blow dried at a festival, and a fifth said dry shampoo is their number one beauty essential in their rucksack. Those beauty conscious individuals who have beauty treatments before heading to a festival are also most concerned about their hair, with 15% getting their hair cut, and 13% having it dyed.

Nearly a fifth of Brits seem more concerned about getting into the festival vibe than looking good, with 19% saying they had face art at a festival, and 13% admitting to getting body art. Another 16% said they have had a massage at a festival - and these three statistics were the highest after ones relating to hair washing and blow drying.

Across both sexes, nearly 70% of those we surveyed said that their number one beauty essential are baby wipes, but in a perhaps surprising find, three per cent more men said they use the shower facilities at festivals. Nearly a quarter of men said that they could not do without a razor during their time bedding down in a tent, but only two per cent of women said the same.

The most popular festival amongst male music fans was rock-heavy Reading or Leeds, with women preferring to head to the traditionally poppier - and perhaps cleaner - T in the Park.

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