Ansa Rashid

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Ansa started her career in 2004 as a paralegal in personal injury law. Having worked her way up to fee earning positions, when applying for a position as a Trainee Solicitor, she was given the opportunity to set up and run a personal injury department with a Criminal Law firm. After successfully establishing and running the personal injury department, Ansa qualified as a Solicitor in 2010. Having acquired extensive experience as a Claimant Solicitor in different areas of personal injury Law, Ansa, transitioned and began working as a Defendant Fraud Solicitor for Keoghs LLP. She thereafter sought to work in the area of industrial disease as a Solicitor for Roberts Jackson Solicitors, whereby she was promoted within the first 6 months to a sub team leaders role and thereafter head of litigation managing her own team of 7 lawyers. After taking a sabbatical Ansa left Roberts Jackson and joined Eric H Smith Solicitors as a managing partner. Having thrived and successfully achieved in this area, Ansa returned to working as a Solicitor. When she was not working as a Solicitor in 2018, she embarked on new challenge and successfully spent 2 months teaching English in a school in Thailand to become an accredited TEFL teacher whilst travelling. When she returned to the U.K Ansa went back to working as a Solicitor.

Ansa Joined Aequitas Legal in July 2019, whilst the position was of a temporary nature, having embraced the role and core values of the firm, Ansa soon became a valuable member of the team. In a relatively short period of time, Ansa was able to recognise that Aequitas Legal was the place for her given the firms determination to achieve justice for clients without compromising on service, which is something Ansa has always placed at the forefront of her mind when representing clients.

With a genuine desire to help clients, Ansa seeks to develop experience in other areas of law, which in time will give non personal injury clients access to her services in order to gain justice.

When Ansa is not working, she likes to spend time with her family in particular her nephews and nieces. On a weekend she unwinds by watching period drama’s, Arabic/Turkish programs/ films (in the hope that she will become fluent and able to interact with her international friends without the use of google translator). She enjoys listening to music and is keen to start learning how to play the piano. She spends her time reading and watching motivational and spiritual books and videos. Current obsession “Bob Proctor”. An avid solo globe trotter, she enjoys making new friends, learning about history, new cultures, languages and engaging in outdoor water sports albeit outside of her comfort zone. Ansa likes to give back to society and regularly organises and partakes in raising money for charitable causes locally and globally. In 2019, before joining Aequitas Legal, Ansa returned from a successful deployment in Jordan which involved raising donations, visiting a refugee camp and distributing aid to refugee families and orphans. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Ansa raised donations for an international women’s institute giving them access to basic amenities such as food, water and hygiene kits during the pandemic.

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