Team Profile Focus: Nick Harrison

In preparation for our Charity Cycle Ride (in Aid of Brake) on 13th May 2012, we have decided to publish team focus interviews from a number of our personal injury lawyers taking part in the event. This week we look at Nick Harrison, Aequitas Legals Bike accident claims specialist.

“I will be honest. I am cycling obsessed. It started when I saw the Tour de France on TV aged only 8… I was instantly hooked and it has continued from there. I love road cycling but appreciate all aspects of cycling. It is about escapism and discovery for me. I cycle often with a group. I sometimes love to just go out on my own. It depends on my mood I guess.

I tried my hand at racing a couple of years ago but found that it was not for me. Personal enjoyment has been better met by completing in sportives and heading out for regular good old café rides with friends. Coffee and cake…. two very common words but, to a cyclist, are a heavenly combo.

I also commute to work on a daily basis by bike. The facilities at my work place are perfectly set up for it. I am in fact writing this profile as my hands thaw out from an early pedal into the office in minus temperatures.

I have many years experience of dealing with injury and losses claim for cyclists. I hate to hear of a fellow cyclist being involved in an accident which was not their own fault. I know what it is like… I have been there.

But I love acting for cyclists and getting them the recompense they deserve. A cyclist needs a cyclist to deal with their claim. Only a cyclist can truly understand cycling related issues and what matters to a fellow cyclist! The first concern following an accident, unless the injuries are unfortunately severe, is to get the bike sorted and get back in the saddle!”

Nick’s favourite café stops – North West
I thought I would share links and directions to some of my favourite cyclist friendly café stops. Here are my pick which I frequent:

Here are some other great websites for all you cycling café lovers:

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