General Litigation Disputes

There are other areas of litigation disputes that we can offer our services. Aequitas Legal is experienced in dealing with contract disputes, failures to perform specific parts of a contract, outstanding debts or unpaid invoices, to name but a few.

If you have such a dispute that you feel you cannot resolve without legal intervention, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and if appropriate, offer our services.

In some circumstances, we can offer our services under a “No Win, No Fee” Agreement. If your case is unsuccessful, we will not seek payment of our charges, provided you have kept to your obligations. If you are successful, we will then be entitled to charge for our legal services but may be able to claim these against the other party, without you having to pay anything at the end of the case.

Each case depends on its facts as to whether there is a genuine dispute that can be resolved with our assistance. If you would like to discuss your needs further, please contact us or complete the enquiry form and we will get back you immediately.


Example 1

You paid a deposit of £6,000.00 for a builder to build an extension to your property. He started but after one week, said that the job was too big for him. He claims that he bought all the materials with the £6,000.00 and has left them in your garden. He is refusing to refund any or all of the £6,000.00.

If there is a written contract, the terms will identify any possible solutions available. If there is no contract, then it will simply be a case that the builder has not performed his side of the agreement. Even though he claims that he has bought the materials for you, you could still arguably claim the full £6,000.00 as the money was paid not for the materials but as a general deposit for building the extension. He is in breach of contract and you are entitled to your money back. In this example, we would consider providing our services under a “No Win, No Fee” Agreement at no initial cost to you. If successful, we would attempt to seek payment of our charges direct from the builder and not the victim so they are not out of pocket financially.

Example 2

You have purchased a dining table and a set of chairs from a furniture company. They contract a delivery company to collect the goods from their warehouse and deliver it to you. Whilst delivering the dining table they cause damage by breaking a valuable vase. Concerned about the vase, you did not check the dining table when signing the delivery note. When you have had a chance to inspect the dining table closer, you seek that it is marked.

There are arguably two separate claims here, one for the vase and one for the damaged table. With regard to the vase, you expected the furniture company to ensure that any delivery company would take care whilst on your property. You may have a right of action against the delivery company but may also be able to pursue the furniture company separately, depending on the legal contracts between them. The damaged table could also be replaced at no extra cost by the furniture company, even if you signed a form upon delivery that it was free of damage depending on the circumstances in which you were asked to sign that form.

The above examples are manufactured and are not based on any true events that may have happened.

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