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Accidents in public are very common, but most victims don’t realise that they have a right to claim for compensation if they’ve been genuinely injured.

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Remember, if you have been injured in a accident that was not your fault, then it is your right to claim medical assistance and compensation.

Accidents in the public cover a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Tripping over a raised paving flag
  • Slipping on water at the entrance to a convenience store
  • Falling down some steps in a shopping centre
  • Slipping on a grape on the floor of a superstore

The person, organisation or company in control of the area where the accident happened, is under a general duty to make all reasonable attempts to avoid a foreseeable (obvious) injury. That can be achieved by having regular inspections; a maintenance policy; or a cleaning policy.

Most businesses and organisation will have sufficient insurance policies for public accidents and your claim will be handled by us and the insurance company.

If you are unsure whether you have a claim, just contact us or complete the enquiry form to see if we can assist you to make a claim for compensation.

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I recovered £8,887 for a client who broke her arm after tripping on the pavement

Heather assisted a client
in receiving specialist
medical treatment and
claiming £8,887 after they
tripped on a public pavement
and broke their arm.

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